Why Compete With Jamor

Jamor is Ontario's premiere Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Physique and Bikini Promoter sanctioned by the Ontario Physique Associatino (OPA). With over 25 years of promoting bodybuilding shows, Jamor produces top notch professional quality shows. It is Jamor Enterprises goal to promote OPA events and serve the needs of competitors for many years to come. They strive to create a warm fun-filled relaxed competition atmosphere for competitors and an entertaining and inspiring experience for spectators. Here are just a few reasons why you should compete with Jamor.


Top 3 competitors receive a beautifully custom molded trophies exclusive to Jamor Shows.

Maximum Opportunity to Qualify

All Jamor shows have all the allowable classes for all streams of bodybuilding thus permitting maximum opportunity to qualify for the...

Professional Lighting and Sound

Jamor employs the very best in the business to make sure you look your best on stage.